Koko is in Brussels

Вечерва Коко е во Брисел.

„Година на мајмунот“ вечерва ќе биде прикажан на 18. издание на Медитеранскиот филмски фестивал во Брисел, Белгија, Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles

Медитеранскиот филмски фестивал стреми да направи спој помеѓу северот и југот на Европскиот континент, место кадешто би се разменувале идеи на креативците од Медитеранскиот базен со нивните колеги од северните делови на континентот. Фестивалот се одржува од 30.11 до 7.12 и ќе се прикажат филмови од дваесетина земји од Медитеранот.

Tonight Koko is in Brussels.

“The year of the monkey” tonight will be screened at the 18th edition of the Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles, Belgium.

The Mediterranean Film Festival aims to create a blend between the north and the south of the European continent; a place where the artists from the Mediterranean basin would be shared with their counterparts from the northern parts of Europe. The festival began on 30.11 and will end on 7.12.

Year of the Monkey

Koko ran off to Belgrade

As part of this years’ 24. edition of the Auteur Film Festival in Belgrade. R. Serbia, The film “The year of the monkey” will be part of the Special projections program.

The film is scheduled on Sunday, 25.11.2018, 6:30 pm, at the Cultural Center “Vlada Divljan”.

Good luck Koko.

“The monkey…” on Cottbus!

We are proud to announce that the film “The year of the monkey” was shown at the official selection on Cottbus Film Festival. The FilmFestival Cottbus was first held in 1991 in the immediate post-reunification era and is regarded as the most important festival of Eastern European Cinema worldwide. 

“The FFC’s programme creates curiosity about the foreign. Prejudices are overcome through exchange and similarities and differences between world views from East and West are discussed at eye level. Existential and interpersonal stories are negotiated from the Macedonian-Greek border through the Kazakh province all the way to Mars”, says Bernd Buder, programme director of the FilmFestival Cottbus.

Read Mr. Blazhevski’s interview on cineuropa.org for Cottbus Film Festival.

Vladimir Blazevski • Director of Year of the Monkey • “Making a film with four co-production countries has its challenges but is a model which is vital”


Macedonian Film Fund partially supported our new production LIBERTY OR DEATH (working tittle).

Film Center of Serbia partially supported LIBERTY OR DEATH.

SEE Cinema Network supported the development of LIBERTY OR DEATH.

FREEDOM OR DIE will be presented on Venice Gap Financing Co-production Market 2014

Company Description


Pank Film was established in May 2009, by Vladimir Blazevski (director, screenwriter) and Darko Popov (producer). The company’s main intention is to produce and co-produce features and documentaries.


• “Punk’s Not Dead” – (feature film) – written and directed by Vladimir Blazevski. The film is conceived as a black-comedy, somewhere in the limbo-space between road-movie and drama. It is also supposed to be very documentaristic, a “cinema-verite” feature attempt, and therefore extremely low-budget, not just as a production model, but even more as an aesthetic approach;

• “The State Of Shock” – (feature film) – written and directed by Andrej Kosak. Punk Film is proud co-producer of this visually dynamic black comedy that speaks (screams) about Slovenian present time and recent history;

• “Decision” – (short educational film) – written and directed by Vardan Tozija. This film promotes oral contraception;

• “Liberty or death”, working title, in progress – (feature film) – written and directed by Vladimir Blazevski;